Discover Fertility Massage For Conception In Singapore

Although massage methods have been around for centuries, few in Singapore have ever considered going for fertility massage to deal with their infertility issues. Largely due to the lack of awareness and the “taboo” connotation it brings.

However, as more successful cases of conceptions are emerging as a result of fertility massage services, more women are turning to this IVF complementary service to boost their fertility.

Our goal is therefore to help women in Singapore better understand their infertility issues and the options available to them.

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How Babies Bliss Fertility Wellness’s Fertility Massage Helps Boost Your Fertility

A common “side effect” women experience when undergoing fertility treatment is the tremendous amount of stress, they put on themselves. And the problem with stress is, it causes a series of hormonal imbalances within the body. Not exactly the best conditions for conceiving.

That’s one of the reasons why abdominal and back massaging techniques becomes a natural solution as it not only helps boost fertility but also improves the immune system and overall wellness.

After all, improving a woman’s overall health is a key factor for boosting fertility.

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Difference Between Fertility Massage And Womb Massage

Though we provide both fertility and womb massages, the two massage methods and benefits cover similar yet different areas of boosting a woman’s body and her fertility levels.

While fertility massage improves an individual’s fertility and overall wellness, womb massage focuses mainly on improving reproductive health. In other words, womb massage focuses more on helping females mitigate their menstrual problems such as reducing menstrual pain, regulating period cycles and fertility. It also helps increase circulation, remove toxic build up and breaks up scar tissues and adhesions similar to the benefits of fertility massage, which we will discuss more in detail next.

Benefits Of Fertility Massage

Perhaps the single most important aspect of what we do here is the realignment of the uterus. This helps stimulate better circulation to the uterus and cervix within the abdominal and pelvic bowl area.

Thereby improving egg health as the body is able to provide fresh circulation of oxygenated, nutrient-filled blood supplied to the eggs.

Another benefit is the breakdown of scar tissue and adhesion that helps cleanse the body of old blood and tissues while clearing any blocked fallopian tubes in the process. Likewise, massaging the ovaries and the liver allows for the strengthening of the hormonal feedback loop in which it helps maintain a balanced number of hormones produced within the body.

Finally, going through a stress-relief therapy like this also helps to reduce the level of stress which not only leads to a significant improvement in the fertility rate of an individual but also helps in boosting the chances of conceiving.

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When Should You Get Started With Babies Bliss Fertility Wellness’s Fertility Massage

When should a female go for fertility massage as many have asked?

Fertility massage is highly recommended for women who have failed at numerous attempts at IUI/IVF or are preparing for IUI/IVF treatments or women who are diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) or unexplained infertility.

We have had past cases of women succeeding in their IUI/IVF attempts after their massage sessions with us and a few even managed to naturally conceive right before their upcoming IVF treatment.

Even if you are not preparing for pregnancy or are suffering from hormonal imbalance or frequent menstrual cramps, this therapy will not only help to improve your overall well-being but also reduce your menstrual problems.

For mothers-to-be considering this natural and beneficial method of fertility treatment, this is the perfect solution that works hand-in-hand with IUI/IVF.

However, do take note that there is no guarantee of success as there are many other factors contributing to infertility in women.

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We Are Here To Help You In Your Conception Journey

Stressful as it will be for women who struggle with infertility, fertility massage will greatly reduce the psychological stress during the entire process.

More importantly, it helps improve a woman’s health and fertility condition through realigning one’s uterus, improve circulation and in some cases, have helped to clear any blocked fallopian tubes.

To find out more about how we can be a part of your conception journey, do talk with our team of professionals who are here to guide you in this wonderful journey.


What Causes Infertility In Women?

There are numerous reasons that a woman might be experiencing difficulties in conceiving. These could be congenital or infertility in women due to different risk factors.

Getting pregnant is a process requiring the use of multiple systems and organs within our bodies. If there’s even damage to any of them, it could lead to infertility. The uterus, ovaries, Fallopian tubes, and cervix are the part of most vital pieces in this process. Conditions with the fallopian tubes and endometriosis are among the most common reasons for infertility. Ovulation conditions, such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, together with cervical and uterine abnormalities could make it hard for them to conceive successfully.

Trying To Conceive – How Can You Effectively Get Pregnant?

Some experts suggest following and monitoring your cycle continuously. Others advise consuming foods has been proven to boost fertility. Yet, these techniques could only do so little. Some choose artificial insemination, medical intervention, and in vitro fertilization. You have likely conducted your research already, and you know that these procedures could be invasive and expensive. They might not be suitable for your current situation risk factors.

Getting pregnant is a process requiring the use of multiple systems and organs within our bodies. If there’s even damage to any of them, it could lead to infertility. The uterus, ovaries, Fallopian tubes, and cervix are the part of most vital pieces in this process. Conditions with the fallopian tubes and endometriosis are among the most common reasons for infertility. Ovulation conditions, such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, together with cervical and uterine abnormalities could make it hard for them to conceive successfully.

What is Fertility Massage?

Fertility massage is a deep, but non-invasive and gentle treatment that works by removing pressure and strengthening the surrounding muscle and tissues.

It’s a kind of massage that aims to improve the health and fertility of your reproductive organs.  It’s an all-natural method with benefits that leads to improved reproductive health, menstrual cycle, and abdominal health.

How Can a Fertility Specialist Help You Conceive?

Fertility massage is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment that could boost fertility and improve a woman’s overall wellbeing. This method is done by a fertility specialist and it promotes relaxation and reduces pelvic adhesions, abdominal scarring, or tubal obstruction, and improves the reproductive
organ’s function.

Will a Fertility Specialist Guide Me through the Fertility Treatment Process?

Your fertility specialist may put up a treatment plan when all of the tests are finished, and you receive a diagnosis—a cause for your infertility.

Even if the tests were inconclusive and there is no obvious cause for your inability to conceive, treatment is still very much accessible. Expect to have a variety of alternatives, including lifestyle changes, fertility medicines, surgical treatments, fertility massage, and even in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Can Fertility Massage Help Me Get Pregnant?

Fertility massage plays a very crucial role in releasing stress. Numerous studies have found a relationship between stress and low fertility. Stress, for example, can disrupt the hormonal system, postponing ovulation or prohibiting the fertilized egg from implanting. You can boost your chances of pregnancy and staying pregnant by decreasing your stress levels with a fertility massage.

Who Would Benefit Most from a Fertility Massage?

Fertility massage is good for women who are attempting to conceive naturally or who are having IVF or artificial insemination (IUI). Fertility massage, particularly when paired with acupuncture, prepares your body to establish a state of wellbeing in which supported reproductive techniques can be beneficial. It also aids in the elimination of toxins that have been collected in the body as a result of medications.

What Physical Advantages Can Prenatal Massage Provide?

Improved blood circulation and flow are among the most well-known advantages of frequent massage treatment. In terms of fertility, it may assist to enhance hormonal balance by boosting blood flow to regions that transport hormones, which can considerably increase the odds of conceiving. Fertility massage may also assist to relieve congestion, like stagnant blood or tissue, and cleanse the body of excess estrogen.

If you have had a hard time conceiving, try having a fertility massage. They are non-invasive and could be helpful in your journey towards pregnancy.

Can a Fertility Massage Also Help with Detoxification?

The lymphatic system stimulation that is provided by fertility massage is beneficial for the removal of toxins. This system removes excess fluid from the body, detoxifies the tissues by filtering out toxins, and boosts the immune system all at the same time. Toxins can build up and affect cellular function, which in turn can have an effect on your capacity to conceive a child if lymph circulation gets slower than it should.

Why Should You Choose Pregnancy Massage Over Regular Massage?

The abdominal cavity’s internal organs are the main focus of a pregnancy massage, which also adjusts the pelvis and assists in promoting circulation in the sacral and pelvic regions. Additionally, it improves the function of the stomach and digestive system, strengthening the immune system. Frequent fertility massage can be very helpful to those who will undergo IVF treatment.

Is Pregnancy Massage Recommended Postpartum?

Every woman should have a fertility massage postpartum as it is a very effective therapy that will assist the womb and ligaments to realign to their proper positions.

When Should You Get a Fertility Massage?

Begin a fertility massage plan 90 days before any fertility procedure, such as IVF or IUI, and go to at least one session each month, along with self-care practices at home to get the best results.

Is Prenatal Massage for Me?

Experts advise adopting a comprehensive strategy. A fertility massage could be combined with a healthy lifestyle. Fertility massages are a cost-effective and easily accessible method of boosting fertility.

How Does a Prenatal Massage Prove to be Beneficial?

Fertility massages offer a lot of advantages. Its effectiveness is based on its capacity to restore your reproductive health. A prenatal massage strengthens the lymphatic and circulatory systems while mobilizing the reproductive organs and reducing adhesions and scar tissue. Massage has been shown to decrease anxiety and stress, lower cortisol levels, and increase dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin levels, all of which enhance your general wellbeing and make it easier to conceive.

What Should You Keep in Mind If You’re Trying to Conceive?

If you are trying to conceive, consider a fertility massage. This non-invasive and relaxing procedure can help address many of the issues related to your fertility journey. However, it is important to note that infertile couples might need more than just a fertility massage in order to achieve their goals. Be sure to discuss all of your options with your fertility specialist before starting any treatment plan. Whether you choose a fertility massage, acupuncture, or another treatment option, remember that having patience and adopting a healthy lifestyle could be key in achieving pregnancy.

How Can This Fertility Treatment Increase You Chances of a Successful Conception?

Fertility massage relaxes pelvic muscles and enhances oxygen circulation to the ovaries. You may have read that smoking harms the quality of your eggs. It is because cigarette smoke depletes the oxygen supply to your eggs.

This fertility treatment increases circulation to the pelvic muscles and ovaries by making it easier for blood to reach there. This blood supplies your ovaries with lots of oxygen and nourishment.

Hormonal health is crucial for creating healthy eggs. Because fertility massage relieves hormonal imbalances, your eggs have a better chance of mixing with sperm.

Why Do Many Patients Choose Prenatal Massage Over Other Fertility Treatments?

Fertility Massage is an external, non-surgical massage method that focuses on the abdomen and other parts of the body that require special care in relation to women’s fertility and health. Internal gastrointestinal organs are guided into the right alignment for optimal health and well-being. By removing physical and mental congestion from the belly, this massage promotes organ function.