About Babies Bliss Fertility Wellness –
By Angelia, the “Certified Fertility Specialist” in Singapore

The state of being infertile is oftentimes a stressful event for ladies in Singapore, especially when they’re preparing their bodies for IVF.

The goal of fertility massage is thus not just to help our clients relax but to support their egg quality for their oocytes retrieval process. You can tell the difference by looking at your embryo grading after receiving fertility massage as compared to a past IVF without one.

For some clients preparing for an embryo transfer, fertility massage will help calm the uterus without adding additional stress to the body.

Some ladies have heard of traditional womb massage or Sengkak massage which requires “pushing/lifting of the womb. As you might guess, this act of pushing might cause some pain or discomfort during the massage. And when there’s pain, there’s going to be tension.

Despite all the stress they put their bodies through, it doesn’t necessarily help with the actual embryo implantation after the transfer.

A Taboo Situation

To make matters worse, most couples won’t talk about their difficulties conceiving as it is perceived to be a taboo topic. Many young couples often have no one to turn to for help plus the lack of information doesn’t help.

For these unfortunate group of people, they’re left to figure things out on their own without knowing what is good or bad for them.

In many cases, their own parents have no idea their daughter is struggling to conceive.

Our Process

Understanding the plight afflicting ladies in Singapore, our goal was to provide a platform and community to support them. That’s why we specially designed our fertility massage protocol by fusing Western and traditional Chinese medicine techniques.

A common practice by local spas is to solely offer womb massage therapy sessions and they only use lemongrass scented oils thinking it will keep the body warm. Unfortunately, lemongrass oil has been found to trigger miscarriages instead.

Under Angelia’s guidance, we prefer to blend our own oil using different types of therapeutic grade essential oils depending on session and the objectives. We schedule each session according to our client’s cycle days and will select the appropriate oil blend accordingly.

The Founder, Angelia Ng

Having been in the beauty and wellness industry since the tender age of 17 years old, Angelia previously worked closely with local TCM practitioners while receiving her certifications as a Fertility Massage Specialist.

With over 19 years of experience now, she has since attained several other certifications such as Certified in Fertility Massage, Certified PreNatal Massage Therapist, Certified International Association of Infant Massage Instructor, and many more.

She is also currently the co-founder of Babies Laughter, a leading specialist in pregnancy, post-delivery and baby care.

Using her knowledge and experience, she introduced a unique massage technique that fuses Western and TCM techniques. She has since gained a reputation in the industry as the go-to fertility specialist by her clients and other industry practitioners alike.

With her reputation in the market, it’s hardly surprising many institutions have approached her to train their staff. Because in her trainings, she doesn’t just teach fertility massage techniques, her training encompasses additional soft skills such as understanding what each client is going through and how to guide them with their pregnancy.