About Babies Bliss Fertility Wellness –
Singapore’s Leading Team Of Fertility Specialists
& Founders Of The FSM Method

The state of being infertile is oftentimes a stressful event for ladies in Singapore, especially when they’re preparing their bodies for IVF.

The goal of our fertility services is thus not just to help our clients relax but to support their egg quality for their oocytes retrieval process. You can tell the difference by looking at your embryo grading after receiving fertility massage as compared to a past IVF without one.

For some clients preparing for an embryo transfer, fertility massage will calm the uterus without adding additional stress to the body.

We help ladies achieve this ideal state for conceiving throug h our FSM (Fertility Strengthening Massage) Method.

It consists of an integrated approach of acupressure, reflexology, and lymphatic drainage.

Going through our FSM Method at the right time (in-between menses and ovulation) can greatly enhance the chances of conceiving.

This is why Babies Bliss has a countless number of success stories, and has established a well-earned reputation as Singapore’s leading team of fertility specialists.

If you’re having trouble with fertility -related problems, drop us a message below and let us help you!

Trying to conceive in Singapore. Fertility massage treatment

An Important But Taboo Subject

In our conservative society, difficulty in conceiving is often viewed as a taboo subject. Many couples don’t talk to each other about important fertility issues, much less to professionals.

This is why many ladies in Singapore have no idea where to turn to for proper help, and are left to figure things out on their own.

This can be a dangerous situation, as most ladies won’t know for sure what works and what doesn’t.

Customized Fertility Massage Treatment Singapore

Our Unique Combination Of Customized Fertility Massage And Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

To make things worse, some spas offer womb massage therapy sessions with lemongrass oil. Do be careful if you choose to go for these sessions when you’re planning to conceive, as there is scientific proof that lemongrass oil can trigger miscarriages.

All these fertility-related problems have enhanced the need for proper care and solutions in this sensitive industry. Babies Bliss provides exactly what the market requires, in the form of fertility massage and therapeutic grade essential oils we blend ourselves.

We also recognize that every lady has different fertility requirements, preferences and concerns.

That is why our services are customized according to your needs, instead of onesized-fits-all solutions that so many others are offering.

Should you choose to partner with Babies Bliss, rest assured that you’ll receive a fertility plan specially formulated to fit your lifestyle, habits and fertility goals.

About Angelia Ng, Founder Of Babies Bliss

With over 20 years of experience in the fertility niche, Angelia is one of the most experienced fertility specialists in the region.

To provide more value to her clients, she is constantly upgrading her skillset in critical areas of fertility. She has attained important certifications such as Certified in Fertility Massage, Certified PreNatal Massage Therapist, Certified International Association of Infant Massage Instructor, Certified Sexologist and many more.

Using her knowledge and experience, she created the FSM Method which fuses Western and TCM techniques. She has since gained a reputation in the industry as the go-to fertility specialist by her clients and other industry practitioners alike.

Over the years, she has assembled a team of skilled fertility specialists who are not only well-versed in massage techniques, but also soft skills to understand and cater for specific client needs.

As one of the leading authorities in the industry, she has been approached by many reputable health/fertility institutions to train their staff. This fits in with her goal of empowering more ladies with the knowledge to improve their chances of conceiving, through the art and science of fertility practices.