Infertility Treatment Tele Consultation

Not sure if a fertility massage is the right option for you? In that case, why not schedule a fertility consultation with our specialists who are here to help you understand your situation better. This can be done via tele-consultation too for your convenience!

A common approach we practice here is to provide our clients with a weekly fertility massage done over a minimum of 6 months. And the reason for doing this is that there are specific steps to take throughout the 90 days growth phase for an egg in preparation for ovulation.

As such, we will guide you through whichever stage you’re at and to recommend you the best course of action to help you increase your chances for conception.

For clients who are on our program, we continue to adapt our processes depending on the state of your uterine health plus other factors. Infertility consultation with our fertility specialists is also available for those experiencing fertility-related problems.

Why You Should Seek Fertility Consultation Early

Singapore has one of the lowest fertility rates globally. Due to the high cost of living, many couples often prioritise and concentrate on their career to garner sufficient funds before considering starting a family.

However, this delay can come at a cost. That is because as we age, our fertility declines – this is applicable to men and women. For instance, the success rate of having a child within a year of trying drops to 74 per cent in women between the ages of 35 and 40. Meanwhile, male fertility starts declining by age 40. 

That is where fertility consultation comes in.

Many couples in Singapore often delay seeking fertility consultation for a year or longer in the hope that they can conceive naturally. However, that may not always be the wisest choice, as there may be underlying issues causing infertility. Therefore, fertility specialists in Singapore usually encourage couples planning to have children in the future to attend a fertility consultation early. 
The rationale for early fertility consultation is simple. Like health screenings, early fertility consultations allow for early detection of preexisting conditions that could be affecting a man or woman’s fertility. Furthermore, couples can receive expert guidance to help increase their chances of conception.

Who Should Go For An Early Fertility Consultation

Any woman planning to start a family should consider undergoing an early fertility consultation. In particular, it might be time to consult our fertility specialist if you and your spouse have been trying to conceive for a significant period of time without success – usually defined as a year for couples under 35 and six months for those over 35. 

There are also specific conditions that would necessitate early fertility consultation:

    • Women with abnormal, irregular, and/or painful menses;

    • Men or women with known abnormalities in their reproductive systems;

    • Men or women with a history of abdominal, genital, or pelvic surgeries;

    • Men or women with a history of infectious diseases that may affect their reproductive systems;

    • Couple unable to achieve penetrative intercourse;

    • Cancer survivors.

“Ultimately while we have a great success rate, there’s no guarantee that all clients will eventually conceive as it depends largely on the individual. With that said, why not begin with a tele-consultation and get a clearer idea of how we can assist you on your conception journey.”

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