There’s Nothing More Beautiful Than A Woman Becoming A Mother.
But There’s Also Nothing More Painful Than A Woman Trying But Failing To Conceive..

The Wonders Of Fertility Massage – Discover How This “Taboo” & Unconventional Practice Can Greatly Boost Your Fertility And Chances Of Conceiving … Safer And More Effective Than Any Other Treatment In The Market Today!

By Angelia Ng, Singapore’s Leading Fertility Specialist

In my close to 20 years of experience as a Fertility Specialist, I’ve seen it all…

Many ladies turn to me for help when they’re in both physical and emotional pain.

Emotional, because trying for years to conceive without success takes a huge toll on the mind.

Physical, because many other so-called solutions in the market cause plenty of stress, discomfort and to rub salt in the wound…don’t actually work.

That’s why I do what I do: Help ladies to conceive using proven fertility massage techniques, to turn the pain into pure, unadulterated joy!

That’s what the process of childbirth should be, agree?

However, I know that many of you reading this may still be unsure about what exactly fertility massage is, and how it can help you.

It is a taboo topic after all, especially in our conservative society.

So let me tell you the story of Rachel(not her real name). A 29 year old lady who tried to conceive for over 2 years without success, after suffering a miscarriage.

She was a client of mine. Being part of her story was a touching, powerful and empowering experience.

I hope that I can do her justice with this re-telling, and also give you some insights into what fertility massage can do for you!

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Rachel Was Down And Out When We First Met…

I hope that none of you ever have to go through the immense agony of a miscarriage.

Rachel did not have that luxury.

Losing a child is never easy. Feelings of guilt and shame crashed down on her like angry, unforgiving waves.

I found out later that her parents, husband and in-laws were unknowingly part of the problem too.

Their offers to help were well-intentioned, but only made her feel even more depressed. As if she could not fulfill her responsibility as a wife.

It was a vicious cycle that was slowly but surely, eating away at everyone involved.

Truth be told, she came to me as a last resort.

She had tried almost everything else available. The natural way, the doctor-prescribed steps, womb massages offered by spas…just to name a few.

None Of Them Worked Out

In fact, I had a strong suspicion that all those methods came into conflict with one another, and ultimately resulted in a miscarriage.

When it comes to fertility, less is more.

Trying too many different things without a proper strategy can lead to disaster.

Which was exactly what happened with Rachel.

I still remember the first time we met. She told me that a friend recommended me to her, and in her words, “no harm trying out fertility massage”.

It may not seem like much to you.

But the way she said it, with a blank expression, monotonous tone and teary eyes, felt like she had already resigned herself to her fate. And that she was just aimlessly trying new things in blind hope.

I knew I had my work cut out for me. Ladies who went through miscarriage usually have more difficulty conceiving.

But I was not going to give up on this aspiring mother. A miscarriage is a tragedy, but it’s not the end.

She deserves to experience the joy of having a child, and I was determined to give that to her.

So I Came Up With A Customized 3 – Step Fertility Plan Specially For Her Unique Situation

Step 1 Of The Fertility Plan: Diagnose And Resolve The Root Cause Of The Problem

Every lady is unique, different and special.

Because of that, there’s no one-sized-fits-all solution for conceiving.

In order for fertility massage to work, it’s necessary to have a customized fertility plan that diagnoses the root cause of the problem, and focuses on addressing it effectively.

During this process, I discovered that Rachel’s prior miscarriage was inducing stress that affected her chromosomal levels, which in turn reduced her chances of conceiving.

So I prescribed a simple but effective diet + exercise plan to normalize her chromosomal levels, which included cutting down on caffeine, eating plenty of greens and regular workouts.

Following this plan, combined with the actual massage, allowed Rachel to eliminate her biggest infertility factor, which was the foundation for fertility massage to work its magic.

Step 2 Of The Fertility Plan: Coming Up With A Flexible Massage Schedule

To reap maximum benefits from fertility massage, it’s important to plan on a macro level, but respond in a micro level.

What this means is that overall objectives and timelines have to be set in place (macro), while leaving room for changes depending on how the body responds to the massage (micro).

This is because in many cases, our bodies can surprise us by responding to fertility massage in unexpected manners.

Even the best laid plans can’t cater 100% for all the possibilities that could occur.

That’s why it’s best to have a plan, but one that can pivot quickly and purposefully based on massage outcomes and new discoveries. It’s the best of both worlds!

For Rachel,I realized after a few sessions that physical pain from her miscarriage was not treated properly. This led to emotional struggles and an unnatural menstrual cycle.

I immediately tweaked her massage schedule to involve more procedures that can relieve muscle pains, stiffness and cramps.

After a few sessions with the new regime, the pain slowly but surely dissipated, she was a lot happier and her menstrual cycle was back to normal.

In other words, Rachel was in prime condition to finally conceive!

Step 3 Of The Fertility Plan: The FSM Method

The FSM (Fertility Strengthening Massage) Method is specifically developed as the final push to conceiving.

It consists of an integrated approach of acupressure, reflexology, lymphatic drainage and breathing techniques.

Special attention will be given to the areas around the reproductive organs to stimulate blood circulation and relax the system(two critical aspects of fertility).

Going through our FSM Method at the right time (in-between menses and ovulation) can greatly enhance the chances of conceiving.

That’s exactly what happened with Rachel.

After an agonizing 2 years+ of trying without any success, our FSM Method helped her to conceive with just 4 months of therapy!

She’s now a proud mother to a beautiful child. I’m glad to play a part in her journey from despair to delight. These moments are why I do what I do!

Are You Eligible For Fertility Massage?

At this point, I can’t really say for sure.

As I mentioned previously, there’s no one-sized-fits-all solution to conceiving.

Several factors like your body health, current treatment procedures and fertility goals also play a part in determining your eligibility.

Which is why it’s irresponsible for me to say right now without those facts on hand, that fertility massage will definitely work for you.

So help me to help you!

Register for a Fertility Phone Consultation with me, so I can find out more about you and your fertility problems, goals and objectives.

This will give my team and I the info we need to customize a fertility plan specially for your unique situation.

So if you’re consciously trying to conceive without success…if you’re frustrated by expensive and ineffective fertility methods…if you’re pining for the bliss of starting a family…

Let fertility massage be the catalyst to re-ignite your dream of being a mother!

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Stay Happy And Blissful,

Angelia Ng, Singapore’sLeading Fertility Specialist