Prenatal Massage

Relieve your anxiety and feel at ease before you have your baby with a massage made for you as a mother to be. Our therapist’s tender techniques will ensure you’re positively charged for your upcoming delivery. 

Our Babies Bliss therapists consider your lifestyle and wellbeing, performing varying techniques accommodating your needs. From preconception to parenthood, we’re the leading provider in helping ladies conceive. We hold the highest in ensuring wellness during pregnancy and post delivery recuperation.

Research shows that regular prenatal massages prior to delivery have helped new mums be supply ready when breastfeeding.

What is Prenatal Massage?

This massage is similar to a Swedish massage; however, it’s more tailored towards you and your wellbeing. Unlike typical massages, it uses slow strokes and pays close attention to your body shape, positioning, cushioning, safety and relaxation.

More strategic and specific adjustments are made to ensure your systems are engaged and not under stress. For instance, there is a specific pregnancy massage table that prioritizes your needs and wellbeing. There are even pillows which allow you to prop up during the massage comfortably. Throughout the whole massage, there is a strict focus on you and your body.

Doing this allows for any issues to be immediately addressed, alleviating knots and tension before they develop into a more significant problem. This massage also allows you to cope with contractions, allowing you to feel less intense and more manageable with your wellbeing, reducing stress leading up to your labour. It also considers common discomforts and conditions associated with each transition within your pregnancy to help you manage anxiety levels and be prepared for your labour.

Benefits of Prenatal Massage

There’s a lot of science supporting prenatal massages for women. Our expectant mothers who visit Babies Bliss commonly report a change in their energy and feel less fatigued. Partly because these massages are known to lower the stress hormones in your body, helping you relax and relieve any anxieties you have built up.

They also help with the following:

  • Joint pain
  • Insomnia
  • Leg cramps
  • Swelling
  • Sciatica
  • Headaches
  • Aid better sleep
  • Relieve cramps
  • Relieve tension on the back, legs and shoulders
  • Lowers the risk of stretch marks
  • Helps mums get ready for breastfeeding
  • Oil leaves skin feeling smooth and soft

Our Prenatal Massage Service

Our prenatal massage services in Singapore are filled with nurture and gentle touch. Starting from 20 weeks and up, our prenatal service incorporates various pressure point (TCM) techniques employed in Swedish massage – therapeutic with wellness in mind. You can consider Babies Bliss – your trusted partner from preconception to parenthood. Our therapists tailor the message to mums to be, making them feel relaxed.

Before the massage, you can expect our therapists to ask relevant questions to adapt to your body accordingly. Then during the session, they will apply massage oil to ensure relief, which changes based on the phase of pregnancy you’re in. Our regular massage sessions have shown that mums who undergo regular prenatal massage before delivery are ‘breastfeeding supply ready’. They also help to release good hormones thereby improving sleep quality, reduce stress and anxiety levels.


Massages at Babies Bliss are given according to your body and wellbeing. Usually, our prenatal massages last over a 60 or 90 minute duration.

The cost does not vary greatly, costing $178 for 60 minute session or $238 for a 90 minute session.

If you have any queries or health concerns you’d like addressed about these massages, don’t hesitate to contact us. Simply contact us via WhatsApp or email or visit our store to know more!