We spoke to Angelia, the Founder of Babies Bliss, to learn more about fertility massage and scored a few tips from her

This is not an easy subject to talk about but I felt it still is a much needed one. Of late, I have many friends having their first child, and at the same time, many who have gone through miscarriages. 

Many of you know that I personally have had two back-to-back ectopic pregnancies resulting in salpingectomy, the removal of both of my fallopian tubes. When it first happened, I was like what? What’s an ectopic pregnancy? I have only heard of it once and know one person who went through it. I spent hours researching globally and there was just a sheer lack of information. 

Fast forward to today, I was recently introduced to Angelia, the Founder of Babies Bliss, who not only specialises in fertility massage, but is a walking encyclopedia on all things fertility. Call it paying it forward, but I felt a need to highlight what she does, in case she can help anyone of you reading this.

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