I used to have irregular menses, from twice to thrice a year for the last 4 years. . I took medications for my period to come for around 2 years. Before I joined Babies bliss, my period was around 40 over days before next cycle. I joined Babies bliss on end of November, and since then my period came every 27 to 29 days from December cycle onwards! This is a miracle which I have waited for so long! Thank you so much Babies bliss! Despite the massages being around 40 minutes each time, but they really relax my body alot and i believe the essences which Angelia specially concorted for me are the gems of the massages and indeed what made my period regular in just a few sessions! As I have joint and inflammation problems, Angelia also concorted anti-inflammatory essential oils for me, and guess what, for the first time in 3 years, my joint pains reduced tremendously! I can walk for long hours and even run! I believe with great reduction of inflammation, this may also help in my future pregnancy. In just around 6 to 7 sessions, Babies Bliss has created 2 miracles for me, im alot happier and looking forward to my pregnancy with an ease of mind. What's more, Babies bliss are unlike other massage parlours who kept pushing me to sign more packages, they just massage me and chat with me and sincerely care for me and my fertility journey. Please come sign up with them soon, you will not regret! i felt alot more relaxed and so much looking forward to a healthy pregnancy. Thank you Angelia and Felicia! TRULY appreciate your help!

J. Toh

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