It's Vday and now we've made it to week 15 and our hearts are exploding with gratitude.

I’m so thankful that our IVF journey was successful, I know that many women will never be able to say that and it breaks my heart and humbles me at the same time. I am so thankful to my body for knowing what to do, for allowing our beautiful day 5 embryos to implant and for nurturing these babies. I am so thankful for seeing them on ultrasound and seeing that little flickers of  heartbeats. I am so happy that my husband will get to experience the joys of becoming a dad since he’s already such an amazing dad to our furbabies.

5 things I’m grateful for with this pregnancy

😍 I was fortunate enough to afford IVF treatment
😍 It worked and I’m pregnant with twins!
😍 The father of my babies is INCREDIBLE
😍 I have a supportive family and friendship group, and magic hands of the one and only Angelia!
😍 My babies are growing healthily


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