I signed up for Babies Bliss massage twice. First was for fertility and second was for pre natal and post natal service.

The service provided by Angelia and Vivian (fertility and pre natal) and post natal by Irene

I am trying for IVF, so I signed up with Babies Bliss 3 months in advance to tune my body before going for IVF procedure. Manage to get good quality egg (previous IVF treatment did not troll good egg result) and the quantity is decent with total 2 egg and 7 egg during 2 IVF embryo retrieve.

I also manage to get pregnant and successful have my first child during the first transfer with some luck as well.

Pre natal massage also help me with my water retention relief as I have serious water retention especially on my feet that cause me to have difficult and pain walking.

Post natal was good, as it help to release some stress from my C-section and also reduce the water rention and help with my adobmen and back pain from handling baby.

Overall, very good service and I would definitely recommend Babies Bliss to anyone who is trying to conceive.

Michelle Lim

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