I’m diagnosed with pcos back in 2018 when I didn’t have regular period every month. It’s a condition whereby follicles are not matured to be fertilised by sperm or to have menses. Therefore it was difficult for us to conceive naturally despite being married for 1 year or so. It was in mid June 2019 then we came across babies bliss from forum who specialised in fertility massage. We managed to get Angelia to schedule the 6 months course for us. During the massage, she was selfless and knowledgeable and willing to share all the advices she knew. My period cycle shorten from 3 months to become regular every month.
We embarked on fertility treatment IUI in December 2019 but failed. Then we moved on to IVF in April 2020. We couldn’t continue her service due to Covid. However, we believed it was the prior preparation Angelia did for us that helped us to yield 12 good quality blastocysts. So happy and thankful. We can’t expressed our gratitude enough for her.
We did transfer in August, however it ended up in chemical pregnancy. I contacted Angelia, with no obligations, she consoled me and I came to know about the essential oil she was using for her customers that can be bought to apply on my own due to Covid, where visiting was not allowed.
In December 2020, we were emotionally and physically prepared for another transfer, we went ahead and now we are pregnant with twins due in August. Although we are no longer with her but time to time she will send texts to check on us. That’s very heartwarming. Thankful for her in our fertility journey .

Suat Meng Ong

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