My husband and I have been trying to conceive for over 2 years. We even went for IUI and participated in multiple TCM treatment offered in the market and have spent thousands of dollars, only to be left heartbroken and disappointed (and also financial constrain). Both of us decide to take a break from another round of treatments to reconsider our decisions.

I continued to perform my search on Google to see if there’s any other options available which i found that motherhood forum sharing about their infertility experiences. Some of the ladies was pregnant after trying the fertility massage with Babies Bliss – Fertility Wellness. 

I was a bit sceptical about this but i decided to whats app Angelia to find out more about fertility massage. She dropped me a list to fill up (to know our condition) and explain on how this treatment works. I book an appointment and she came to my house for massage every week for 24 sessions.

At this timing, i am just hoping i could regulate my cycle a little and adjust my body easier to chart ovulation. Oh well, my period never showed up after sessions with her so i took a pregnancy test – POSITIVE #HAPPY and SHOCKED.

Long story short, i am now finally pregnant! My husband and i are so blessed, and we would like to thank Angelia from Babies Bliss for helping is out. I can’t guarantee conceive from trying but i CAN tell that Angelia has helped dozens of women that are now planning to have children because of her treatment. Check out her facebook page Babies Bliss- fertility wellness!

I highly recommend fertility massage if a lady is struggling with irregular cycles and/or infertility. It’s changed my life.

Thanks Babies Bliss