Read about Angelia and her miracle hands on some online forums and decided to give it a try. I am really thankful for Angelia and her indeed miracle hands that did wonders to improve my reproductive health! After 1 month of massage, I observed that the issue of heavy bleeding during menstrual cycle has been resolved. For the past 30 over years of my life that I had thought it is an issue that cannot be resolved, is now no longer bothering me. Even now that I have completed my package for about a month, my recent menstrual cycle is still so manageable! Am truly thankful for Angelia who always gave me reminders and personalised advises that helped me improve my dietary intake. The first package helped improved my reproductive health which I feel would get me ready for the real TTC! I am so excited to be renewing my package to truly start my TTC period now! Also, thank you to her awesome team of colleagues who are always so warm and prompt in responding! 🙂