I want to take this opportunity to thank Angelia and her team. I was really grateful to get to know Angelia back in 2018 when I had my 3rd miscarriages (after 2 IUI, 3 IVF and 4 transfers).
At that point in time, my husband and I decided to put our IVF journey behind and just focus on what we wanted do and try natually, as we no longer feel happy, especially me.
So the main focus I engaged Angelia was to get my health back as priority. Needless to say, with her skills and her therapy oils, my menses duration/flow/pain showen great improvement (i have endometriosis), with that we continue to try natually. Angelia really knows our body conditions very well and lol no way you can bluff her.. haha..
Angelia always treated us like friend rather than client. She really goes extra miles and you can feel her sincerity. Despite her being how tired, she still will give her best to us.
In 2020, my hubby and I decided to go for a check again (since age is catching up) to see if everything is ok. In the end we decided to go with our 4th IVF cycle with a private cliniv (through Angelia’s recommendation) and having Angelia and team massages during the cycle.
We are very grateful and blessed for a successful 4th IVF cycle!
Sincerely to thank Angelia and her team for their dedication and skills! *thumbs up*