F.T Medical Professional

I decided to engage the services of Babies Bliss following 2 failed IUI cycles, 5 IVF retrieval and transfer attempts at a private hospital, which resulted in 2 miscarriages with the hopes of regaining my health. 
Angelia was incredibly knowledgeable of fertility health and procedures and also recommended that I consult with various specialists to better understand my fertility health and well being. I have been very impressed with all her recommendations (IVF Specialist in a public hospital and Rheumatologist in a private hospital) and have followed through with them for my most recent IVF cycle. 
Massage sessions with Angelia and team were scheduled on a weekly basis and they were both very generous in terms of their knowledge and support during our time together. Efforts were also made to have more frequent sessions leading up to my IVF retrieval and transfer attempt depending on my health status in order to ensure that I would be at my optimal condition. I was able to yield more embryos and of better quality from my most recent retrieval as compared to my past attempts which was a surprise of my husband and I!
Thankfully, our embryo transfer attempt was successful and I am currently 6 months pregnant. I would like to thank Angelia and the Babies Bliss team for their professionalism, generosity and support.
Warmest Regards,