Mr & Mrs Emmanuel

Hi Angelia,

Times flies. I just celebrated my daughter’s 1st birthday 2 days ago. It seems like only yesterday that I asked you if I should do a digital pregnancy test as I couldn’t believe that the normal test showed a positive.

A big thanks to you and your team for your magical hands. Both of you are a wealth of information on fertility diet, exercise, etc. I always look forward to your massages which helps me to relax.

Angelia, a special thank you for all your recommendations – TCM doc, gynae, pressure cooker and even maid agency and cleaning company!

After 6 years of TTC with multiple chemical pregnancies and failed IVFs, I am finally blessed with my baby girl and what I am grateful for is that it’s a natural pregnancy at the age of 45! You helped me saved 1 last round of costly IVF 😁

I really wish I had found you sooner. Perhaps I could have been blessed with 2 miracles!

Thank you and team once again.

Sze Sze