Amira, Banker

6 months ago, i was on the verge of giving up to try naturally on our own since we haven’t been successful for the past 3 years. IVF options has been at the top of our minds. I then chance upon Angelia’s fertility massage and decided to give it a try since i’ve read many positive reviews of her online! Angelia was very prompt and nice to answer to my queries before i decided to sign on package with her.

I was very comfortable with Angelia since Day 1 she started the fertility massage with me and i’m so glad i found her coz every session makes me feel more relax.

Angelia often shared some tips on the food and drinks i should be taking and what extra supplements my husband should take too. I could feel she genuinely cares for all her clients well being. It was also Angelia who made me more confident to go ahead with IVF. Just when i was about to start my scheduled IVF, i realised i was already pregnant naturally! It came as a huge surprise for us since we have been trying naturally for the past 3 years.

Angelia is really a god-sent angel for us and we are so thankful for her magic hands.

I would highly recommend anyone who is in the TTC journey to try the fertility massage. Its ok to pamper yourself and improve your body condition through the massage because you deserved it!

Thank you Angelia and team. My husband and i truly appreciates your professional and friendly service. Now i cant wait to continue the massage with you after week 20!