E Soon

After trying to conceive naturally for five years but without success, we turned to IVF treatment. However, IVF did not turn out successful too. This is when we turn to facebook to look for recommendation for a fertility masseur. Then we get to find out about Angelia and give it a try.

Angelia is always punctual for appointment. She pays attention to details and will try to understand my health conditions before deciding on the suitable massage package for e. The essence oil that she used smells really good and makes one totally relaxed.

During the massage, her strength was just nice, not too hard or soft. She focused on my uterus area. After the massage, i do feel more comfortable and more warm in my uterus area.

After 13 sessions, to both my husband’s and my disbelief, i conceived naturally unexpectedly. As i hasn’t fully utilised my massage sessions, Angelia kindly agreed to convert the sessions to post-natal massage.

Angelia has been very encouraging and supportive along the way. I truly appreciate the wonderful experience that Angelia has provided me.