JL, 35, Engineer (@journeytoconceive)

Personally I am diagnosed with endometriosis and i have blood cysts in both my ovaries. So this means that usually when I have menses, I will have cramp and the number of days for each menses is usually more than 7 days, it seems like the spotting never ends! I have tried TCM, acupuncture, eating all sort of supplements etc. However it did not help much to improve of my condition. Also, I had 3 miscarriages before and after the 3rd miscarriage (I tried before IUI & 3 IVF cycles), my focus was to regain my health and taking a break.

I am so glad that I started this fertility massage with Angelia. I have stopped TCM and acupuncture and only have Angelia helping me with the massage. Guess what? After starting the sessions with her, my cramp greatly reduces (very minimal) and my menses length has now reduced to 4-5 days and no more spotting! The flow is also very smooth with lesser clots!

Angelia is someone who puts her heart and soul in helping TTC couples. Thank you Angelia!!! =)