After losing 3 pregnancies due to different reasons, we were questioning ourselves to whether we would ever be parents at all. It’s quite depressing and sad period for us both, husband and wife. Eventually after our 3rd pregnancy failure due to ectopic, our gynae suggested that we should look into having pregnancy through IVF to lower the risk of another episode of ectopic as my other tube doesn’t look too good. Oh by the way, doctor had to remove one of my fallopian tubes as it was bad and cannot be saved. Okay, so I told myself that we should gear up towards that route. Told my husband right away and with some discussion we started making appointment with doctor so we could start the process. I thought to myself how difficult could it be as I could conceive previously. Oh boy!! It’s harder than I thought. I failed my 1st IVF cycle as I was underprepared. I felt defeated and saddened by it. So I started reading up a lot about IVF in forum, articles, book, you name it, I have probably read it. Then the 2nd IVF cycle came up, I thought I was more prepared than the first as I had taken some supplement and did a few routine, as per advised by other IVFs warrior. The 2nd cycle went much better, the embryos were looking so much better in grade but again I failed. After 2nd failure, I was a little numb as that’s not the first failure. So many things went through my mind then, was my womb weak? Did I have underlying condition preventing me from conceiving? Was my womb too cold? Too many to name here. So I did research and read even more. I thought to myself, I needed to be more serious this time as IVF is not cheap and time consuming, I better do something about it. I came across topic in forum talking about Angelia (who has magic hands =D) and of course I have to try it as I was not ready to give up yet. Angelia then came our lives, bringing so much knowledge and help to us. I gave her my total trust and let her do her magic. Other than that, I also went for TCM sessions concurrently the fertility massage. I had to wait for at least 3-4 months before I went for my 3rd IVF cycle. Miracle did happen on the 3rd IVF, we were finally pregnant. We were so delighted when I saw the bean in my womb. Fast forward, she is now 1.5 year old. I couldn’t thank those people whom I come across while trying to conceive as they have helped me to get to where I am today.