Mr & Ms Emanuel

Dear reader, 

Like you, my husband and I tried to conceive naturally but failed. Month after month I would try to see if I feel any different, if I feel pregnant. But alas pms symptoms which I mistook for pregnancy did not come true. The pee stick was always negative. This continued for three years and during this period we visited a private gynaecologist. Unfortunately the gynae didn’t manage to help us but further plunged us into sorrow with a wrong diagnosis for my husband. 

In our fourth year of trying, we decided to visit another doctor and luckily the doctor helped to identify the wrong diagnosis. But the doctor also could not help us conceive naturally. So the doctor recommended IVF. Full of hope, we proceeded on with it only to fail at the first round. All the fertilized eggs died. Through the IVF, it was found out that both my husband and I had problems. My husband had low motility sperms and I had poor quality eggs. All seemed hopeless and we sank into another round of despair.

This all changed till I chanced upon Babies Bliss in my fifth year of trying through Miss Tam Chiak Instagram post and contacted Angelia from the company. During our first few sessions, Angelia gave me advise on what to eat. To my horror, I was indirectly causing myself not to conceive by eating food that would promote the womb to be cold. Angelia recommended me some simple food I can consider eating or cooking for myself. She also recommended fertility yoga poses that I diligently did everyday. To my surprise my menses improved alot. The blood circulation of the massage and the healthy and warm food that I was taking all removed my nasty pms symptoms. My period colour turned from dark red to bright red. My bowel movement also improved from four to five days to two to three days. 

Finally this year (sixth year of trying), my husband and I went for another round of IVF after having massage from Babies Bliss for about 8 months. This time, we managed to get 5 fertilized blastocyst which were grade A and B. And I got pregnant in the first round of frozen transfer! This is all because of the good advise Angelia gave on what to eat and the good massage given from Vivian. Now I don’t know what I’ll do with the remaining four blastocyst. I only want two children but there is now a possibility of having four! 

I highly recommend Babies Bliss. People often undermine the effectiveness of massage as it is not intrusive in the body. But blood circulation is a very important factor in maintaining a healthy body as it is the blood that brings the nutrients and oxygen to the body. In addition, a warm womb is also the key to promoting embryo growth. The service that Babies Bliss also provides is professional. They are always on time and they never miss a session. I really enjoy my time with Babies Bliss. 

All the best dear reader. Remember, all is not lost. God bless.


Mr and Ms Emanuel