Dear Angelia,

My husband and I would like to thank you a lot for the massage sessions that i had with you, resulting in our recent successful frozen transfer. Despite both embryos being the lowest grade out of the 4 embryos we have, this transfer was successful compared to the last 2 transfers.
The oil used was aromatic and well accepted by my hub, compared to the ginger type of smell that my hub hate. The session were also comfortable and relaxing.
Hope more ladies can conceive under your good care. See you soon for the 20 weeks prenatal massage. Thks!
Z.Y & A.N



The overall experience was very good and comforting to know that there is always someone out there you could seek advice from especially I am very inexperience.  Angelia was a very patient and knowledgeable lady, always looking forward to my appt.   After I completed my fertility massage, i still text her whenever I have a pregnancy discomfort and her solution always work for me.   Never regret taking up the service and get to know this friendly lady, Angelia.


We have read many good reviews for Babiesbliss Fertility Massage on mommy forum and decided to give it a try, since we’ve been trying for quite some time. 
Angelia, is very patient, accommodating and very punctual. She have shared a lot of useful tips. She is also very attentive to my condition. Her massage definitely made me feel better and more relax. We managed to conceive after 8 sessions. 
Angelia, thank you very much for helping us, we are very grateful to welcome a new member soon to our family! 

We want to express our greatest gratitude to Angelia! After TTC-ing for approximately 4 years, 3 failed IUI and 3 failed IVF, we just got our BFP thanks to Angelia’s TLC 🙂 Angelia has been like a friend throughout the journey as she keep encouraging us. She had customized the oil blend and gave gentle but magical massages.We hope that this pregnancy grow into a healthy baby or babies (haha we don’t know yet!) Can’t wait to see her during our later stage of pregnancy to prepare us for a smooth delivery!

E Soon

After trying to conceive naturally for five years but without success, we turned to IVF treatment. However, IVF did not turn out successful too. This is when we turn to facebook to look for recommendation for a fertility masseur. Then we get to find out about Angelia and give it a try.

Angelia is always punctual for appointment. She pays attention to details and will try to understand my health conditions before deciding on the suitable massage package for e. The essence oil that she used smells really good and makes one totally relaxed.

During the massage, her strength was just nice, not too hard or soft. She focused on my uterus area. After the massage, i do feel more comfortable and more warm in my uterus area.

After 13 sessions, to both my husband’s and my disbelief, i conceived naturally unexpectedly. As i hasn’t fully utilised my massage sessions, Angelia kindly agreed to convert the sessions to post-natal massage.

Angelia has been very encouraging and supportive along the way. I truly appreciate the wonderful experience that Angelia has provided me.

Amira, Banker

6 months ago, i was on the verge of giving up to try naturally on our own since we haven’t been successful for the past 3 years. IVF options has been at the top of our minds. I then chance upon Angelia’s fertility massage and decided to give it a try since i’ve read many positive reviews of her online! Angelia was very prompt and nice to answer to my queries before i decided to sign on package with her.

I was very comfortable with Angelia since Day 1 she started the fertility massage with me and i’m so glad i found her coz every session makes me feel more relax.

Angelia often shared some tips on the food and drinks i should be taking and what extra supplements my husband should take too. I could feel she genuinely cares for all her clients well being. It was also Angelia who made me more confident to go ahead with IVF. Just when i was about to start my scheduled IVF, i realised i was already pregnant naturally! It came as a huge surprise for us since we have been trying naturally for the past 3 years.

Angelia is really a god-sent angel for us and we are so thankful for her magic hands.

I would highly recommend anyone who is in the TTC journey to try the fertility massage. Its ok to pamper yourself and improve your body condition through the massage because you deserved it!

Thank you Angelia and team. My husband and i truly appreciates your professional and friendly service. Now i cant wait to continue the massage with you after week 20!


Thank you for helping me with the fertility massage prior to me doing my transfer.

I’m so glad i found u- as recommended by a lot of other mummies; i found your contact from fb mummy’s group.

I believe it’s an overall wellness of the mind and body and i always look forward to your massage and yoni steam that helps prep my body alongside with my other preparation like healthy eating etc.

You are like a friend who always never fail to give good advices like what to avoid etc

I’m so happy and blessed that my one and only transfer is successful (even tho i had already 2 failes rounds of PGS prior hence i’m willing to try anything that helps) and i’m now carrying 2 miracle blessings in my precious womb.

Thank you so much Angelia!

Testimonial 2

I remember about 8 months back, i was feeling very nervous about my FET which is taking place in a couple of months time. I then chanced upon Angelia Fertility Massage and decided to give it a try.

Angelia was very prompt and nice to answer all my doubts and queries before i decided to sign up.

I am so glad i found her fertility massage service because i was feeling so much calmer, relax and confident every time after the massage. In fact i fell asleep every time during the massage!

I am now 6 months pregnant and is looking forward to the postnatal massage by her team! I would highly recommend anyone who is on the TTC journey to try the fertility massage. Pamper ypurself because you deserve it!

Thank You Angelia and the team. I truly appreciate your professional and friendly service.

Testimonial 1

After a failed FET and miscarriage, i was very sad and i thought i need to detox and strengthen my body before i start a new FET. I started to search online for fertility massage and i happened to find many good reviews. I decided to contact them regarding fertility massage and current situation. Angelia meticulously planned out the massage treatment for me. I started my treatment in June’18 and i went for my FET in Oct’18. It was a positive one and i’m now 12 weeks pregnant. Me and my husband are very thankful to her and her team for making this happen.

Thank you once again!


My Husband and i have been trying to conceive for the past 4 years. We have been through 1 IUI and 3 IVF. The latest IVF was in August 2018 and was a failure as well.

Being disheartened and sad, I found Angelia through IVF forum. Feedback and review was excellent. Husband and i decided to give her a try with the fertility massage since it will help me to relax as well.

I had a total of 7 sessions and each session is different. It’s tailored to my ovulation cycle and with the added step of using ovulation test strip, i found myself pregnant 3 weeks after the 7th sessions.

Really happy that i found Angelia and baby is on the way. Currently, 13th weeks and looking forward to its arrival. I also looking forward to the postnatal massages she has to offer after my baby’s delivery.

Sabrina, Educator

The massages helped me regain my periods back and generally feel better in overall health.

Angelia is always prompt to reply and on time. I have enjoyed the sessions and wish i can have more sessions! Am always satisfied with her care and service!

JL, 35, Engineer (@journeytoconceive)

Personally I am diagnosed with endometriosis and i have blood cysts in both my ovaries. So this means that usually when I have menses, I will have cramp and the number of days for each menses is usually more than 7 days, it seems like the spotting never ends! I have tried TCM, acupuncture, eating all sort of supplements etc. However it did not help much to improve of my condition. Also, I had 3 miscarriages before and after the 3rd miscarriage (I tried before IUI & 3 IVF cycles), my focus was to regain my health and taking a break.

I am so glad that I started this fertility massage with Angelia. I have stopped TCM and acupuncture and only have Angelia helping me with the massage. Guess what? After starting the sessions with her, my cramp greatly reduces (very minimal) and my menses length has now reduced to 4-5 days and no more spotting! The flow is also very smooth with lesser clots!

Angelia is someone who puts her heart and soul in helping TTC couples. Thank you Angelia!!! =)

Jack & Lei

Fertility massage by Angelia has greatly helped my Husband & I to conceive our baby. Angelia has helped my body to prepare for the 2 IVF cycles (one was Transfer & one was fresh) which both has led to pregnancies.  

Mentally & physically I felt prepared for each of my IVF journey.

Aside from being professional, passionate and genuinely caring person, Angelia has accompanied me through my difficult times with motivations and encouragements.

We thank you for your amazing help!