SK, 43

Hi ladies,

Am sharing my experience for the last 11 months with Babies Bliss and why i highly recommended as well.

I am 43 this year, married at the age of 39. Ttc naturally for the first 6 months but no luck. So immediately seek ivf doctor and undergo fertility checks, both of our results were alright but just age that the doctor said might be the challenge even with ivf.

Due to covid, we only started ivf in 2021 in one of the private clinic in SG. Went  through 5x of retrievals (average eggs retrieved between 4-8; average blasts were between 1-3); 3x of transfers (1 fresh that bnp but baby heartbeat stopped at week 9; 2 frozen transfer were failed to implant). 

After the last transfer in Nov 2021, we have decided to take a break and discussed what else i can do before next step. Contacted babies bliss and i was lucky enough to be able to start the first fertility massage in early Dec. I was told some ladies nearby my area got BFP that could slot me in due to my flexibility during weekday and day time too – this gave me more confident towards Babies Bliss too. I was amazed that i have been given the schedule for the entire package that i love it as well as i could pre-arrangement my work and personal plan as well.

Angelia and my assigned therapist were always punctual for each session. Even its a few minutes late, they will always update me in advanced. That was one of the very important that i like on Babies Bliss, punctuality! I enjoyed every single session as they not just purely massage and go but they are a good listener if i have any personal issue and will even share with me on what to do, what to eat/ drink to keep my body warm/ healthy. They will also encourage me not to give up and there is still hope to have my own child based on my body condition, just the matter of time, that increased my confident in the journey too.

After 2 months of massage, the significant improvement i have seen was reduced of pre menses symptoms (PMS) e.g. breast tenderness, tummy bloatedness.

Finally i have the courage to resume my IVF journey again in July 2022 where retrieved 11 eggs (at least number of eggs increased compared to the first 5 rounds in 2021), 2 blastocysts, both sent for pgt-a but were aneuploid. In my recent retrieval in Oct, again 11 eggs but this round with 4 blastocysts and all good grades, sent for pgt-a and finally gotten 1 euploid. What difference this cycle vs the july one? With babies bliss shop opening recently in October, Angelia included the infra wellness theraphy during the stimulation. Even my tcm mentioned that my body dampness has reduced a lot and asked what i have done too. So i guess infra wellness therapy did help. Not to mention  for every stimulation cycle, more massage sessions been added as well.

For any of you out there that still trying, I would highly recommend Babies Bliss. Babies Bliss really able to help on improving egg quality.