Fertility issue came silently to us that we never thought about.  After trying for years with no success, my husband and I took a pragmatic approach and started IVF directly since 2019. 

I came across the name of BabiesBliss when I was searching what to do in order to increase our chance.  The name of Angelia came up from different forums / IVF chat groups.  Angelia was patiently explained what service she / her team would provide and she also asked us to think twice as it required commitment on time (on a weekly basis) and package cost.  Since then, I have been with Angelia…

Fast forward to 2023, we are now at the third trimester of our pregnancy.  Their massage therapy not only boosts my body condition, I personally found it’s relaxing.  Consequently it improved the sleep quality and my mental health.  I’m actually looking forward to each weekly session. 

Despite my age (47 in 2022), we saw improving results over the years, although we had experienced 2 unsuccessful cycles (no embryos) and 2 miscarriages.  The embryos have been improving on both quantity (number) and quality (grade).  Sometime, I still wouldn’t believe i have a chance to carry my own baby at my age. 

We are very grateful with their helps over the years and Angelia gives constructive / informative advices on all aspects.  Thank you, BabiesBliss, and looking forward to start our journey towards parenthood.

For those who is experiencing infertility issue now, pls be positive and be open to explore all options which might help!