4 Essential Dietary Changes That Can Help Improve Your Fertility

Checking whether your diet is packed with foods that enhance fertility is one of the key things that you need to focus on while trying to conceive in Singapore. Several studies have proved that unlike other factors that can’t be controlled such as genetics and age, eating certain foods and keeping away from others is something that can be done to help improve the ovulatory function.

The following are a few dietary changes that can help improve fertility:

Vegetables & Fruits

Loading the plate with vegetables and fruits is a fertility diet that will surely improve the quality of the egg. Ensure that at least half of your plate at every meal is composed of vegetables and fresh fruits. Asparagus and watermelon besides other vegetables and fruits provide the body with a rich supply of glutathione, which is vital for the quality of the egg. Roasting vegetables in high heat for a short time with no water or putting them in the microwave with a small amount of water will help combat the loss of nutrients.


Almost every Singapore fertility specialist recommends keeping away from varieties of processed soy, especially energy bars and powders. It has been proved by the experts that soy may have a harmful effect on fertility while trying to conceive. Some fertility specialists even believe that large quantities of soy protein isolate in such products contain estrogen-mimicking properties that can dislocate the hormonal balance. Whole soy products such as tempeh and edamame are okay in moderation, as are fermented versions of soy like natto or miso paste.

Cut Down On Coffee & Alcohol

Are you amongst the ones who can’t get through their day without coffee, or the weekend without consuming alcohol? Having such beverages in excess could make it complicated to conceive. According to a research, a bond between alcohol and fertility has been discovered. Women who consume large amounts of alcohol are more expected to have irregular or heavy periods and fertility issues. Moreover, caffeine can even have a negative effect on fertility, and every Singapore fertility specialist recommends having no more than two cups of coffee or five cups of tea a day.


No matter you like it or not, consuming good healthy fats helps to increase pregnancy chances in Singapore. The experts have discovered that the balance of sex hormones in the body is distressed by no-fat or low-fat diet that’ll slow down ovulation. You should even increase the intake of monounsaturated fats such as olive oil that lower inflammation reactions in the body and increase sensitivity to insulin.

If you are having continued difficulty conceiving, you may wish to mull over restricting dairy from the fertility diet plan on the whole. It is a good idea to increase the intake of yogurt, preferably Greek-style or homemade, which is one of the top fertility diets or foods for getting pregnant. It is not just females who will be affected with such dietary changes, but it will even boost the quality of semen in their male counterparts.

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