Can Foods Really Help To Improve Sperm Count?

A low sperm count has often been associated with the deficiency of zinc or a lack of vital vitamins. If you’re planning to have a baby and would like to enhance your virility being a man, you are supposed to abide by a healthy diet. Making a few food variations can be a smart approach to amplify your sperm count. Let us take a quick look at some foods that contribute significantly to increase your sperm count and improve your sexual life.


When it comes to growing sperm count, it is no secret that eggs are the fundamental superfoods. Being highly rich in protein and Vitamin E, they help in the motility of the sperm. Eating eggs even defends the sperm from free radicals, in that way the possibilities of fertilization are multiplied. Being a rich source of zinc, eggs help in getting the motility of sperms better.


These are one of the best sources of zinc for man, which helps to enhance the production of sperms. An added benefit is that they’re even an aphrodisiac, so men must load themselves with 15mg a day – just about 50g of oysters – and you will definitely be making babies before you know it. However, if your stomach or wallet can’t stretch to that much, other wonderful and proven sources of zinc include mussels, lobster, pumpkin seeds, and turkey. 


The flow of blood is improved to the genitals and the sperm count is enhanced with Omega-3 fatty acids – and walnuts are an incredible source. They are a yummy on-the-go snack and can also be sprinkled on dessert or cereal. Other promising sources of omega-3 fatty acids include pumpkin seeds, chicken, salmon, and crab.


When it comes to increasing the production of sperm, bananas are the obvious preferences. This phallic-shaped fruit is rich in Vitamins B1 and C, which has proved to be highly effective in amplifying the mobility of the sperm and helping in the production of sperm. They even include a rare enzyme known as Bromelain, which is effective to improve the sperm count and mobility. They can even control the sex hormones and cheer your mood.


Garlic is popularly known to put a stop to cancer but it has also proved to be beneficial for the production of sperm in the scrotum. Garlic is full of allicin that is necessitated for the stimulation of circulation of blood to the right parts of the body. The blood runs freely to the sexual organs and looks after them from any damage. Selenium, which is one more significant enzyme found in garlic helps to improve sperm motility.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are rich in amino acids, phytosterols, and antioxidants that improve fertility in men. In addition, these can even help in increasing virility, motility, and sperm count on the whole. These can also be added as salad toppings or consume them raw as a snack.

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