I Finally Became A Mother At 39 Years Old, After 3 Miscarriages & 2 Failed IVFs

Image taken from https://zula.sg/becoming-a-mother-at-39/

For many Singaporeans, happily ever after looks like this: getting married to the love of your life, having a child and starting a family together. With how normal all this seems, we don’t often hear about the struggles that some couples go through just to conceive a baby. 

In fact, 1 in 6 Singaporean women experience difficulty conceiving, yet the topic is still taboo. For 40-year-old Melissa, she went through three painful miscarriages — the last nearly taking her life — and two failed IVF cycles before she finally conceived her firstborn daughter in 2021. We spoke to Melissa, who shared with us her darkest struggles, and why motherhood is so important to her.

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