Hello Ladies, just a brief introduction of myself. I’m 37 this year and was married at the age of 27. Back in 2015 I had an early miscarriage and that was the only positive test I ever had since then. I was later diagnosed with very low amh and endometriosis and it was in 2017 I started my first IVF cycle and it was not successful. It was during 2018 when I decided to look online for other alternative treatments other than TCM/Acupuncture, I came to know about Angelia – Babies Bliss. However, during that period i was already in the midst of my 3rd IVF attempts and I only had a few sessions with Angelia which personally I felt i did not prepare my body well enough for the IVF attempt.

After my 3rd failed IVF attempt, I continued my 4th 5th 6th 7th IVF cycles concurrently over the years with TCM + Accupuncture and all was unsuccessful. I was so depressed and felt so hopeless as the doctors in Singapore were giving up on me and they all pushed me towards the idea of accepting Donor eggs as the only option.

It was when I re-connect with Angelia and she was the who encourages me to never give up and trust my own body. She was the only one who believes in me and was willing to work with my own eggs. That was when I decided to stop all my TCM and fully focus on her massage treatments specially tailored for me. She fully support every decision I’ve make even with my decision of going oversea for my ivf attempt. Angelia and her team has never once put me down and was a constant support throughout my TTC journey of 8 years.

I was fully committed to her treatments plans which includes weekly Fertility Massages using essential oils and with other therapies. It was during my 8th and 9th IVF attempts that I was able to have very positive results in producing PGT-A Euploid embryos.

Thank you Babies Bliss for never giving up on me and constantly encouraging me in trusting my own body and mind. I’m forever grateful and I won’t be where I am today if not for you guys.